Richard Watts

Hello, I’m Richard.

I’m Programme Director of Change Creation and Founder/CEO of people make it work.

At Change Creation I’m responsible for the overall programme – making sure it delivers what you need in order to deliver your changes.

I’m so excited to be leading this programme – it feels like the culmination of 20 years of supporting organisations as they develop and deliver change initiatives… building too on what we’ve learned together over that time about the power of peer learning… having colleagues together in the room sharing insights, inspiration, hard won wisdom and thinking together.

I believe in the power of art and culture to change lives, shape our society and the way we see the world. I believe that the cultural organisations that produce and present that art and culture need to become more relevant to the communities they serve and develop new ways to generate income. And I think initiatives like change creation and companies like people make it work exist to help them do just that. So that everyone benefits.

People are extraordinary. I believe that with all my heart. People who come to feel their extraordinariness are extraextraordinary. People who are extraextraordinary and have a mission that means the world to them and the skills to deliver it are un-fucking-stoppable. That’s what we are about, and what I am interested in enabling.

My role within Change Creation is really to make sure we stay focused on serving the cohort, learning, responding and refining what we do so that you get your change delivered and realsie the benefits you’re expecting. On a practical level that means hosting events, commissioning experts, supporting the team of people who sit alongside me, and connecting regularly with you the cohort as well as Arts Council and the wider Cultural Sector.

I’m always interested in hearing about your experience, and you can always tell me what’s working, is only just good enough or feels like a pile of crap! I’m committed to learning and am hungry for your views and experience.

On a more technical level I’ve also got a bunch of experience when it comes to leading and managing change, shifting organizational culture and developing transformational strategy… so I’ll be leading some of the One Day Intensive sessions and hanging out within the Learning HUB to coach, support and enable whenever that is useful.

There are two things I’m most looking forward to about this programme. Relationships and Results. I’m truly excited to witness the building of new relationships, the forging of new insights, ideas… (maybe even movements!) that comes when amazing people come together with a commitment to share, learn and connect. I’m also really looking forward to Results. I’m super committed to results. Impact is the name of the game. We are only doing this for the changes it makes for you. We are only doing this for the increased resilience it creates. I know everyone will be focused on results, but I intend to be obsessed.

When I think about what I have to give to this programme, I guess it is confidence, commitment and a constant unswerving drive for quality. (and a bit of love.) When I think about what I’ll get from this programme I guess it’s all about learning… By the end of this programme we will know a lot about what really really enables change when we are working in a peer setting. I bet we also learn a lot about social media learning HUBs and I’m also hoping to learn a whole lot about Alternative Finance and Social Impact measurement… since I think these (connected) areas are definitely part of our future.

If you’ve been reading along and you’ve got to here… you absolutely must have something to say by now… so drop me a line, let me know what’s on your mind, and what you are planning to give and get from Change Creation…